Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Find out what a mortgage broker from Chris Hazell Mortgages can do for you and offer compared to going directly to you bank.

We will help you to secure a mortgage as quickly and with the least amount of stress as possible. We chase the lenders at all stages to make the process as simple as possible for you.

We work with a large number of lenders that allows us to find lending for all sorts of situations. 

There are, of course, a range of mortgage calculators available online, and many people wonder what the benefits of using a Mortgage Broker are beyond finding competitive interest rates.

Mortgage Brokers offer much more value, taking on much of the administration and communications between solicitors, conveyancers and estate agents on your behalf. They will also explain the process in full to you, ensuring you understand the difference between a fixed-rate deal and a variable one and other technical jargon. 

For most people, a house purchase is the largest purchase that they will ever make, so having the comfort of full support of a knowledgeable professional who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority will put your mind at ease that you are in safe hands.

Another common misconception is that you will get the best mortgage deal by approaching your own bank. Unfortunately, whilst you may find this the most comfortable option, it is rarely the most financially beneficial, as you are limited to the small range of mortgage products that they have available.

It’s also important to realise that, as the lender, they are unable to offer you an impartial opinion on whether their range of products is most suited to your needs. A Mortgage Broker, on the other hand, has nothing to gain from recommending one mortgage product over another, meaning that they can give you a truly unbiased recommendation of which mortgage product will be most appropriate for you, in the long-term from a panel of over 50 lenders.

If you go to a lender direct, they will be able to provide you with the best deals that they have available, the maximum loans that you can get under their criteria and the most suitable products for you that they offer. 

If you go to a mortgage broker, we can speak to lots of lenders, all who have different criteria, and assess your situation differently. This may mean that you can either borrow more, at a better rate, or on different types of property. 

Therefore, you may find when you go direct to your bank that they are not able to help but through a broker may be able to find a solution.  

If you’re looking to buy in the Warwickshire area, don’t underestimate the benefits of using a local Mortgage Broker. Chris Hazell Mortgages in Coventry we have the benefit of local knowledge, such as house prices, build quality and type of properties around the area and what your surveyor might find.

We are aware of potential local non-standard construction issues that may arise and any local authority expansion plans that could affect your decision to purchase. 

Our relationship with local solicitors, surveyors and estate agents, can also help communications and therefore, your mortgage application to proceed more smoothly.

We are easily accessible for queries and can reduce your administrative burden, providing regular updates on your application’s progress. We have a great reputation locally  backed up by positive Google reviews and have extensive knowledge in the Warwickshire area,  so why consider anyone else for your Coventry property needs.

At Chris Hazell Mortgages, we can help you with all sorts of mortgages. We work with first time buyers, we help self employed individuals get mortgages, and we help buy to let landlords. 

We can also help Doctors and NHS staff, teachers, CIS contractors. As well has helping with Help to Buy or Shared Ownership schemes. 

The process starts with you speaking to an adviser where we find out about your circumstances then we gather documents from you to fully assess your case. We will then give you an idea of what you can afford, what that loan might look like for you. Once you have this it allows you to then go out and start looking for properties confident in what you can afford. When you’ve found something you like and you make an offer, we can speak to the agent to help you secure the property. Once your offer is accepted we will then make the mortgage application on your behalf. This has two parts to it, one where the lender checks your financial circumstances and the other where the lenders checks the property for its suitability. 

Once the lender is happy with both parts a mortgage offer is issued. At that stage, we can help you with insurances for the mortgage, such as life insurance or buildings insurance. Your solicitor will then complete their checks, and once they are happy, you will exchange and then complete.

Chris Hazell Mortgages in  can help you remortgage your property whether your current rate is coming to an end or if you want to release equity from your property. 

Your lender will get in touch with you directly when you fixed rate is coming to an end to provide you with their best offers, but this will only be the best offer THEY can give you at that time. If you do nothing you will going onto their standard variable rate (SVR), which is often much higher than the rate you had during your fixed period. If you speak with a mortgage broker from Chris Hazell Mortgages, we can check the market and see if we can find you a better deal by switching lender. It is important you do that because it could save you money.

Chris Hazell Mortgage in can also help you release equity from your property if you want to raise funds for home improvements, deposits to buy additional properties or to provide gifted deposit to help your children on the ladder. 

We really enjoy working with first time buyers and I love sharing my knowledge and coaching first time buyers through the entire process, giving you an insight on the murky world of estate agency having worked in it myself for a number of years. 

We can work with you on help to buy or shared ownership schemes to find mortgages that are suitable for you as first time buyers and can talk you through all the fees and costs associated with buying your first home. We specialise in Shared Ownership mortgages and you can find out more on our shared ownership page.


Some buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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